The Consumption Feedback Switch shows your energy usage

Abby McVay - Mar 31, 2008

If you’re a nut for conserving energy but sometimes a bit hard headed and flaky this switch is just the reminder to put your rear in line. It has a slight shining reminder when you’ve been using a bit too much energy around the house.

This smart switch sparkles only a little when your energy usage hasn’t been much and shines brighter when you’re wasting too much. I have occasionally wasted my fair share of energy without thinking about it, so a visual reminder might prove useful.

Yes, alternative energy is great when you can snag it, but for those that haven’t acquired it yet this might be a better alternative. Beyond that it glows the details are still slightly slim, so no word if it only monitors for a certain area or if it does the whole house at once. We’ll have to wait to see if any extra details are released at a later time.

[via dvice]

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