The Connect-A-Desk Laptop Holder is a whole new level of geeky

Feel the need to take your computer with you no matter where you go? I know, for most people that just means carrying a laptop case around, but some need to take it a bit more over the top than that.

With just having a laptop case you need a flat surface to do all your typing, with this odd little guy you can type no matter where you are, even while standing. Granted you might look like a major dork standing in the store like the poor sap in the picture, but you'll have your trusty laptop to ignore their looks of disgust.

Granted you have that lovely top heavy discomfort that pulls on your back, eventually causing a permanent hunch, but at least you've got that technology. The Connect-A-Desk Laptop holder will cost you $39.99.

[via slipperybrick]