The Colorful LED Keyboard from Luxeed

This is yet another normal every day gadget lit up with pretty LED lights. This keyboard from a Korean company (Luxeed) is available in two equally shiny models.

I've seen several models of keyboards decked out in lighting features but this one definitely goes all out. The white version which is featured in the photo with the whole key able to light up and the black one that only the letters light up on.

It also comes with software that allows you to customize how the LEDs behave. You can set it so that when you hit a key it lights up and otherwise the rest of the keyboard stays dark. You can also create your own patterns or set it to glow in one single color (that way it doesn't look like a strobe light). The white keyboard is priced at $127 and the black at $134.

Colorful LED Keyboard [via Geekalerts]