The Clip-On Tray with Light

Most people have either a coffee table or an end table near the couch or their favorite chair. Normally if you have the end table there is some kind of lamp on it. However, if you don't have a ton of space, or you just enjoy having a gadget for pretty much everything this gadget is the logical choice.

As long as you have an armrest no wider than 9" the Clip-On Tray with Light can latch onto your chair. The tray features a spot to put your favorite snack or a hot beverage. I know it'd make it easier to use my small Asian tea set. It also has an LED light on an adjustable arm.

The gadget is being sold for $19.95. Making it a perfect Christmas present for any friends stuck in a studio apartment or a dorm room.

Clip-On Tray with Light [via geekalerts]