The Circuitboard Mini Photo Album

After seeing the Circuitboard Christmas Ornaments this photo album also caught my eye. This mini photo album may not hold all your favorite photos, but it would be a great addition to your coffee table or your desk to keep the most treasured ones out.

Not only is it a cool idea it is also earth-friendly as well since they recycle out old circuit boards for the project. Even cooler is that there is a cute girly behind this geek project. She rummages through computer parts to find the bits and pieces for the things created.

If you're interested in more of these cool geek-minded accessories check out Acorn Studios. The photo album holds 12 photos size 6cm by 8.5 cm and is being sold for $16.95.

Circuitboard Mini Photo Album for Keeping Photos of Your Favorite Gadgets [via chipchick]