The Choikawadeco Mouse from Solid Alliance

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The Solid Alliance is a brand name that baffles me every time they come out with something new. The Choikawadeco Mouse is no different. I'm fairly positive the creators are made up of a bunch 13 year olds, that or chimpanzees. These studded mice make my wrist hurt just looking at them.

I could have sworn we were trying to prevent the issues that come with working at a computer all the time. Apparently The Solid Alliance thinks shiny comes before health. Hey I'm sure carpal tunnel isn't that bad. Although I will admit the spider mouse would match my sexy computer case.

Even with the crazy design of these mice I could see buying at least the spider mouse. However, I haven't mentioned the craziest part about these bad boys, they are priced at $131.

SolidAlliance mouse part 2 ! [via akihabaranews]