The Chain Mail Guitar Hero Strap

Abby McVay - Mar 25, 2008

Almost all Guitar Hero or Rock Band fans typically likes to customize and make their plastic guitars their own. Be it with a guitar strap or an entire sheet of stickers and occasionally one of the custom made guitars that most of us just have drool over in pictures posted on the net. If you like the guitar strap route, nothing says hardcore rocker like chain mail.

Although this strap might not fit as well when you’re doing a bit of the classic rock, it’d fit in perfect with a bit of metal. The down side is for those that like to play with groups of friends and typically pass their guitar around, the strap isn’t adjustable. You have to tell the maker the measurements you prefer and he’ll make it to your specification.

It is made from 16 gauge Aluminum rings, which apparently doesn’t tarnish. If you would like you can get a slightly more personalized strap and have a specific color of rings put on. The strap is currently being sold for $33

[via hawtymcbloggy]

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