The Celebrity Scale-which celebrity do you weigh the same as?

It would seem these days America is having issues with finding that happy-medium with their weight. They are either so obsessed that they become creepy little twigs or don't care at all, and well, we all know what happens then. Why not add a little humor to the issue; do we have to be serious about it all the time? Check out the Celebrity Scale.

The scale features names of a few famous faces, as opposed to actual pounds. It does actually say Yoda in there, although I'm not sure any grown person should weigh the same as Yoda, it's still fun to know it's there. It also features names like Chuck Norris, baby Jesus, and Hulk Hogan. If you want to lose a few pounds wouldn't it be more fun to say you're on the Gary Coleman diet? Rather than all those other dull diets that like to take away all of the good stuff.

The scale comes complete with a non-slip rubber surface and a super easy-to-read dial. This scale is priced at $34.95. Supposedly they even added some historical figures and a few "calorifically-challenged" fictional characters (whatever that means).

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