The Business self defense kit is card-sized weaponization

You come to SlashGear on the daily to get a dose of gadgets that will improve your life, but you and I know good and well that every once in a while you want to see something that can give you a black eye- that's why this post is about The Business self defense kit. This is a conceptual design made by Hoang and Ahn Nguyen (no relation to Vincent Nguyen) for CreativeSession, and at a business-card size and made to sit nicely aside your business casual attire, you'll have no problem working overtime and going home after dark.

What you get in this hypothetical kit is no less than four self-defense tools, three of which could potentially do some heavy damage to your opponent. I mean, not opponent, your ATTACKER, of course. There's a brass knuckle, a unit of pepper spray, a whistle, and a pocket knife. And what's best? The size, of course, each of them shorter than a ball-point pen and fairly thin as well. Pack them in your wallet, if you wish, but keep them in your back pocket for quick access.

Now we've just got to wait for this set to reach reality. At the moment it sits in the archives at CreativeSession design studio waiting for some monetary support. And don't let anyone tell you anything other than the following: if someone designed a product, and the template is just sitting around in their office, all they need is a backer and it WILL be made. Call us up when the first batch comes out!

[via Yanko Design]