The Boomhut from Kid's Factory

I remember when the greatest bed a kid could have was one of those race car beds, well at least for the boys. Us girls kind of got the short end of the stick the best we could get was bunk beds or something pink. I would have killed to have this Boomhut bed it even comes in girl colors.

I occasionally find myself a bit too envious of kids these days. Then I remember I can stay out until 3am and no one yells at me. However, this bed does make you miss childhood a little. I'm sure any child that was given this would worship you for all eternity.

I'd buy this for your kids when they are really young that way you get the maximum amount of use out of this because it doesn't come cheap. It's priced at just slightly under $2,000.

Boomhutten [via babygadget]