The Blossom Pendant Lamp

If you have a thing for pretty pendant lamps and can't wait another minute for spring to come, this lamp kills two worms with one bird, that or two stones with one bird. I'm not sure which, I never was that great at throwing around deep and meaningful quotes. This flower lamp not only features a bright and cheerful design, it offers a bit of creative customization as well.

The petals on the flower are bendable, so you can place the flower in any position you like. It also features a low voltage energy saving bulb, making it slightly more eco-responsible. Frankly, if I could afford it I'd add several of these during the dreaded winter months to cheer me up when it's so dreary outside.

The laser cut petals can be purchased in either red, black or white. The rest of the lamp is made of both acrylic and stainless steel. Unfortunately as with all the pretty lights, this one is slightly expensive, it is being sold for almost $700.

[via shinyshiny]