The Blender Lamp makes use of broken blenders

Abby McVay - May 22, 2008

If you have an old blender that is no longer working and you enjoy quirky lighting, this DIY project might be something to try out. This would be especially cool if you managed to snag a slightly more retro blender off of eBay or if you knew someone with one just lying around.

The project is fairly simple and doesn’t require a lot of tools, you just need a screwdriver and a basic light socket. The light socket can typically be found at your average hardware store.

You can read through the step by step instructions online on Instructables. The creator of this lamp decided to use a frosted glass to diffuse the light a bit and make the lighting not quite as harsh. However, it isn’t necessary to have frosted glass if you want to go a different route.

[via hippyshopper]

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