The BirdXPeller Pro Bird Repeller

I have over time, become a bit of a night owl, I tend to stay up almost all night. Which means I typically fall asleep to the sounds of birds chirping outside of my window. Some might find this soothing, but me, I'd like to get rid of them all. This gadget is perfect for just that.

No, it doesn't kill all birds or anything equally horrifying. It merely repels birds by emitting different noises. Using varying sounds that make them believe a predator is about it will scare off birds within one acre of this fascinating little contraption.

Now, if you live in town right on top of your neighbors you're likely to make them very angry when they miss all of those lovely chirps in the morning. Different types of the BirdXPeller Pro frighten away different birds. For example the Pro 1 repels pigeons, starlings, swallows and gulls. Each of the three different models are sold for $239.

[via forevergeek]