The Big Buck Hunter Safari gaming arcade machine

Abby McVay - Mar 31, 2008

If you have a bit of a thing for hunting games a full arcade machine might be a nice addition to add to your home. Personally I prefer shooting zombies to animals, but I always enjoy the arcade machine guns more than playing with the guns on my Wii.

Eventually I fully intend upon owning an arcade machine, yes its giant and bulky and typically plays only one game. However, there is just something about owning one that seems so much better than a typical game console. The Big Buck Hunter Safari gaming arcade from Raw Thrills offers 15 different courses all offering differing landscapes. If you’re slightly annoyed that certain real animals have become endangered and therefore you can’t hunt them you might be overjoyed to find even the endangered species on the pallet to be shot.

The screen itself is 27” and a nice little feature is that the game can support up to four players at once. However, the arcade machine is a bit pricey as most of this sort are. It is currently being sold for $4875.

[via bornrich]

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