The best movies on Netflix today

Today we're going to run down a list of the most watchable and re-watchable movies on Netflix for June of 2017. To make this list, we've gone over the films we've watched over the past few months and compared them to a wide variety of top movie lists across the most excellent publications available today. Cross-referencing this with the list of new movies available to Netflix this month, we've got ourselves a list that'll satisfy all tastes.

The following list of 10 films could be called a top 10 best Netflix movies right this minute – but it's more nebulous than that. Especially since the viewers reading this article are so extremely varied in their tastes, the following list of 10 is mixed up a bit. Films did have to make the cut, but once they were here, they were set.

10. Mullholland Drive (2001)

There's a time and a place to watch Mullholland Drive. It's a mystery that's made to draw the viewer in – and it's very much done so a litany of times over the past 16 years. This film stars Naomi Watts, Laura Harring, and was directed by David Lynch. See Mullholland Drive to add to your Netflix Queue.

9. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Don't let anybody tell you you can't watch The Nightmare Before Christmas in the summertime. It's always a good time to be reminded of the greatest claymation film ever constructed. This is Henry Selick's greatest work in directing magic. See The Nightmare Before Christmas to add to your Netflix Queue.

8. Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

This one is for Wes Anderson fans – but not strictly so. Moonrise Kingdom is only the latest in a line of similarly constructed films by a master of odd and humorous film wonders – and this, of the whole collection, certainly does not disappoint the die-hard cut fans. See Moonrise Kingdom to add to your Netflix Queue.

7. Oldboy (2003)

You will never forget what you saw when you see Oldboy. This film was re-made recently in Hollywood (with surprisingly good results), but this original vision by director Chan-wook Park is an absolute must for hardcore best-of movie list trackers. There's a scene with a hammer used as a weapon. There's a scene with a fellow who's driven to insanity. There's a bunch of scenes that can never be forgotten. A whole bunch. See Oldboy to add to your Netflix Queue.

6. Blazing Saddles (1974)

The film Blazing Saddles is one of the funniest films in the history of movies. It's full of swearwords and adult humor which are absolutely inappropriate for children of all ages. But provided the viewers are mature enough, this film is a beast of a call-out of the wicked vermin of racism and inequality that sill infests the United States today – brought to you in the body of a faux-Western comedy! See Blazing Saddles to add to your Netflix Queue.

5. Masterminds (2016)

You might have missed this one when it was in movie theaters for all of a week – or so? Something like that. Director Jared Hess delivered a dramatized reenactment of one of the most bumble-footed robberies in the history of the United States. This film has Zach Galifinakis, Kristen Wiig, Owen Wilson, and the incomparable Kate McKinnon. Not to mention The Waitress from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. See Masterminds to add to your Netflix Queue.

4. The Babadook (2014)

For fans of horror and suspense there is The Babadook. This is a modern miracle of a film in that it does not rely on the same tried-and-bland horror tropes of its predecessors. In this film is a genuine piece of art in horror the likes of which only come around once every few years. See The Babadook to add to your Netflix Queue.

3. No Country for Old Men (2007)

This film was directed by Joel and Ethan Coen and won an Oscar for Best Picture in the year 2007. This movie has actor Javier Bardem create an iconic serial killer by the name of Anton Chigurh. Some other faces here you'll recognize instantly make for a thriller that's worthy of the awards it's won. See No Country for Old Men to add to your Netflix Queue.

2. Fantasia (1940)

This is the sort of film that everyone should see – or at least make an effort to see – at least once. It's made for all ages, and those that found it enticing as a child will likely find great joy in showing it to their kids here in 2017. This is the musical masterpiece Disney called Fantasia. See Fantasia to add to your Netflix Queue.

1. Doctor Strange (2016)

This movie isn't going to win an Oscar, but it's a work in story and special effects imagery (by Industrial Light and Magic, mind you) that's worth at LEAST one viewing. This movie is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe – so stay after the first part of the credits to find the keys to the future. See Doctor Strange to add to your Netflix Queue.