The best free Nintendo Switch game is now World of Tanks Blitz

The game World of Tanks BLITZ was released to Nintendo Switch today. This is a game in which the gamer controls a tank – a fortress on treads with a giant cannon – for free. As it is with most free games, there are in-app purchases, of course – but the game is WELL worth the download for the basics alone.

Nintendo Switch now has the "Legendary free-to-play 3D Tank Shooter" known as World of Tanks Blitz. This game works in a unique set of ways on Nintendo Switch, allowing the user to control tanks with the Joy-Con in battle, Joy-Con in the garage, and touchscreen in the garage.

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You'll also get some G-sensor aiming action. If you're in "sniper mode" you'll be able to fully utilize the Nintendo Switch's woefully under-utilized G-sensor system in a way that'll have you asking "why don't more games use this?!" This game also works with the Nintendo Pro Controller (including that controller's g-sensor).

If you're in the mix for some cross-platform gaming, you'll automatically be matched against ALL platforms on which World of Tanks is played. If you'd like to only match up against players with the same sort of controls, you'll need to tap "same control mode". If you do that, you'll only be matched against players using Nintendo Switch, Android, and/or iOS.

This is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to new Nintendo Switch games and updates. Take a peek at the surprise Direct Mini Partner showcase revealed by Nintendo today, too!

ALSO NOTE: If you drop in on World of Tanks Blitz on Nintendo Switch before September 9, 2020, at 9AM UTC, you'll get a lovely T2 Medium Tank for free. You'll also get a "Blitz On! Epic avatar", one thousand gold pieces, and a garage slot. You'll get 3 days of Premium Account too, so you can see what you'll eventually be paying for once you're fully addicted to the rush of controlling a tank in the strangest of places (only if you want!)