The Beatles reported to be available for streaming by Christmas Eve

A Christmas present might arrive a bit early for fans of the The Beatles' music. It seems the Fab Four's catalog is expected to hit a number of major streaming music services, including Spotify and Apple Music, by Christmas Eve. The details come in a report from Billboard, and if true would mean The Beatles's debut on streaming music.

It's unclear at this point exactly which streaming services The Beatles discography will appear on, however there is no exclusivity involved, so it should be available to a significantly large number of users. Billboard's sources have indicated that the music is arriving on "most, if not all" services.

Spotify is a sure bet, seeing as how it's currently the largest service, and Apple Music is as well, since the iTunes Store still has exclusivity on downloads of The Beatles' music. The band has sped things up in terms of its involvement in the digital music era; they were slow to make their catalog officially available for download, only singing the iTunes deal in 2010. Now it's five years later and they're making their music available for streaming from multiple sources.

This also follows The Beatles' recent 1+ collection, released only on iTunes earlier this month. 1+ features 50 of the band's classic music videos, all restored and remastered, along with a number of rare clips and alternate versions.

SOURCE Billboard