Apple Proves People WILL Buy The Beatles Music From iTunes, Lots Of It

Over the past few days there's been talk about how in many cases, The Beatles can be purchased in physical form (CDs, for example) for much cheaper than they can be purchase over at iTunes. Case in point: this guy who found he could buy The Beatles box set for $100 in physical form or for $149 as a download on iTunes. Despite this, and despite the fact that, wait, doesn't everyone already own all The Beatles music?, Apple sold two million songs or 450,000 albums in a week (according to Billboard.) Apple noted that the top album so far has been Abbey Road and the top song has been Here Comes the Sun (due in no small part more than likely to the new Apple/Beatles TV ad spot.

Take a peek at this advertisement:

Then, since I know you love ads and The Beatles and Apple and all that good rock and roll, here's the rest!

Notice a trend yet?

There's one different one with them jamming. Here it is:

Think of all the potentially brand new customers (and potentially old, yet brand new to the store customers) pouring in to find their favorite Beatles song, hopping around the store finding other songs, apps, movies, shows they like as well. Think of that. Brand ties like this come along only once in a great while, and this is a great one.

[Via WSJ All Things Digital]