The Beach Radio Headset

Alright, so I'm aware it is no longer anywhere near summer and with every day that passes it gets colder and colder. However, this product cracks me up enough to write it up anyway. Plus as a side bonus I enjoy torturing others with thoughts of warm summer months that are long gone.

Its a radio that when opened up props your head up at the beach. Now I'm confused , a radio, now is that the weird archaic thing that doesn't let you pick the song. Once it is opened up the speakers are on either side of your head, to give you tunes and the right angle to read while you're soaking up all that melanoma.

Now I know, its still not summer and no matter how cool it is you'll likely forget about it by the time June comes around. However, hear me out, with a heavy snow suit you could always lay out in the snow. That or if you're feeling sentimental change into a bathing suit, grab a bright light and lay out in your living room and pretend its not November. The Beach Radio Headset is priced at $39.95. Right, $40 and they can't throw in an MP3 player.

Beach Radio Designed to Rest Your Head On [via chipchick]