The Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser offers less mess

Abby McVay - Feb 19, 2008

If you’re one of those clumsy sorts you might need a paper towel dispenser to keep you from wasting half a roll from unraveling eight sheets instead of one. I personally have never had that problem, you just have to know when to pop your wrist. However, since I am clumsy with practically everything else I can appreciate a paper towel holder that promises to get rid of all that pesky unraveling.

Not only does it promise less mess, but it also helps keep the spread of germs within your home down to a minimum. With its touch-free sensor it can give you one, two or even one of those tiny half sheets, just with the wave of your hand. Unfortunately for me, paper towel and sink sensors tend to think I’m invisible so I’d go crazy jumping up and down trying to get a paper towel out of it.

The design would also be great for anyone who has ever entered the kitchen to find a very guilty looking child with a heap of paper towels at their feet. The Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser is being sold for $53.99.

[via gadgetgrid]

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