The Aston Martin Callum Vanquish 25 is automotive art by a GT legend

There are no half-measures when it comes to successfully bringing an icon back from the dead, and that's something the Aston Martin Callum Vanquish 25 project seems to have taken to heart. Setting itself the challenge of rebooting the beloved V12 Vanquish into a bespoke, limited run series of massaged and modified cars, what seemed like a far-fetch challenge back in late 2019 has unexpectedly matured into a production-spec car this year.

The project is a collaboration between famous British car designer Ian Callum – formerly of Aston Martin and Jaguar – and R-Reforged. The Callum Vanquish 25 will be assembled at the company's facility in Warwick, England, with the first customer cars set to begin the build process in September.

That's a big step forward from the concept we saw in September last year. The production-spec Callum Vanquish 25 is still instantly recognizable as the Aston Martin it is at heart, but there'll be a host of exterior tweaks as Callum and R-Reforged chase their idea of a "perfect" GT car. Three 20-inch wheel choices will be on the table, too.

Inside, the cabin has come in for some serious attention as well. Bridge of Weir Leather Company is responsible for a full re-trim in hide, accompanied by a choice of walnut veneer for those who prefer the classics, or carbon fiber for drivers wanting a more modern look. Polished or brushed dark chrome can be spec'd, and there's a removable pocket watch from Bremont that can be inset into the dashboard.

A custom Mulberry luggage set is designed to fit into the rear of the cabin, and there's been a general focus on raising the build quality in general. Expect tighter shut-lines, neater trim, and "flawless" finishes to the various surfaces, Callum promises, something that couldn't always be said about Vanquish cars emerging from Aston Martin at the time.

Perhaps most important, though, are the mechanical changes. Of course the V12 is there, with 580 horsepower, and R-Reforged will offer manual, automatic, and semi-automative transmission options. There's a new, bespoke carbon intake system, along with tuned equal length stainless steel primary collectors for a retuned engine note. It'll all be housed in a carbon fiber and leather detailed engine bay.

"There was a perception that much of what we planned was aesthetic but the way the car drives, feels, goes, stops and sounds is actually where a lot of our efforts have been focused," Adam Donfrancesco, head of engineering at R-Reforged, explains. "We've defined a set up that finesses the composed, big Aston Martin GT feel but sharpens and hones it in line the progress that new tyres, suspension and knowledge brings. It's got to be a car you want to use and be adaptable."

That includes new rebound and compression tuning for the Bilstein dampers, which are said to add up to "noticeably more agility and control," plus stiffer anti roll bars. Ride height has been lowered by 10mm, while the track is up to 60mm wider. Steering feel has been made sharper, with a more slender wheel and lowered seating position bringing the driver more in-tune with the road beneath them. Finally, new Michelin Pilot Sport tire compounds promise a mixture of predictability and grip, without being rock-solid and ruining the ride comfort.

"The overall result," the Callum Vanquish 25 team says, "is a more versatile GT eminently suitable for everyday use." Prospective buyers of the just 25 cars planned will be able to design the final spec of their vehicle in an individual consultation with Callum himself – either in-person or remotely – with pricing expected to be upward of half a million British pounds.