The Aquavision Towel Rail TV

Abby McVay - Dec 12, 2007

I tend to get all starry eyed and dreamy just over a towel warmer, but a tv too. It almost seems like too much to even comprehend. Yet the Aquavision Towel Rail TV has done the impossible and combined two luxurious pleasures into one gadget.

The TV also doubles up as a mirror, which would be nice for those stuck with an under-sized bathroom. The TV itself is a LCD 17” and is thankfully waterproof. The remote is also waterproof, so you can soak in the tub and flip through the channels without worrying about breaking it.

Sadly it’s probably wise for me not to own one since I’d keep finding excuses to wrap up in a warm towel and watch tv in the bathroom. Therefore my social life would likely become a bit obsolete.

Aquavision Towel Rail TV [via ubergizmo]

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