The Anti-Ticket Donut for those sticky situations

Have a tendency to get pulled over for speeding, or whatever your typical traffic violation is? Well this intensely high-tech solution is designed to at least get you out of that nasty ticket.

Alright, so its not exactly high-tech but its definitely original. This little donut in a can is a quick getaway for those tricky situations. My problem would be is that I'd get pulled over and as the officer saunters up to my window in that condescending nature I'd be wiping chocolate donut crumbs off of the corner of my mouth. Hey, every girl has to have her chocolate in those high stress situations.

Well that would be the case if it were in fact a real donut, which it is not, sadly. The donut comes in both chocolate and sprinkles and comes with its own step by step instructions. The donut is priced at $8.75.

The Anti-Ticket Donut [via ohgizmo]