The 8-Bit Guitar Strap

I have been looking for months for a guitar strap to go with my collection of Guitar Hero and Rock Band guitars. Unfortunately I always look for something completely off the wall and with a bit of geeky influence, which means it's doubtful I'll find one at the local music store. However, my search is finally over, this 8-Bit Guitar Strap is just the thing.

The guitar straps that come with the games are just way too boring. You have to have something that lets people know you're a serious gamer, by whipping out your own personalized guitar.

The guitar straps come in two styles black sprites and blue sprites, blue of course being the best. The guitar strap will sadly set you back $32.95, which is about double what I originally wanted to pay.

Behold: The 8-Bit Guitar Strap [via gaygamer]