The 5 best PlayStation VR games to buy on day one

Chris Burns - Oct 13, 2016, 3:27pm CDT
The 5 best PlayStation VR games to buy on day one

As release day for the Sony PlayStation VR is almost upon us, we’ve put together a list of the 6 best games available on day one. This PlayStation 4 PlayStation VR games list includes games that are both never-before-released and released on other platforms previously. It includes a game originally released on Sega Dreamcast and a game that’ll throw its user into space. This is a list of the best of the best on Sony’s PlayStation VR virtual reality headset, a deciding list on whether or not this console can beat the PC rigs.

The first entry in our collection, Eve Valkyrie, is a game that’s been around in one form or another since before the Oculus Rift. This is a game where space flight is not only possible, it’s terrifyingly realistic. In this game, the user is placed in a ship whose goal is to kill or be killed amongst both AI enemies and real players, all playing on their own PlayStation VR units at home.

Above is Sony’s PlayStation Access playing Eve Valkyrie. Notice how they’ve presented this game from a 3rd-person perspective, over the shoulder of the wearer of the PlayStation VR headset. That’s so we know for certain that the game is being played on the PlayStation VR, and not some other headset.

Next we’ve got Rez Infinite, a game which was also released in a slightly different form well before Oculus Rift. In other words, it was launched before the modern resurgence of virtual reality in general. This game may seem at first to be a bit low-resolution for virtual reality, but as it expands into flowing colors and shapes, the glory becomes clear.

Rez Infinite is a music-based game which has the wearer hacking through a computer in virtual space. As the user hits targets, the game and music advances. This game seems more at home in virtual reality now than it did on any flat screen in the past.

Super Stardust Ultra VR is a game with a long lineage of games in its universe that’ve come before it. Of note is the fact that many of the best VR games are those that are VR versions of their earlier selves. The universes are already there – now we just want to dive in ourselves.

Super Stardust Ultra VR is a game whose predecessor was just called Super Stardust HD, and whose predecessor before that was Super Stardust. The eldest of this line of games was released on Amiga CD32, then the next was on PlayStation 3, while the newest is here on PlayStation 4’s PlayStation VR. Together they mix nostalgia with a love for blowing up asteroids with lasers in a big way.

Until Titanfall is released with a virtual reality component, there’s only one really fabulous game that comes close. When I say close, I mean close to what I consider a virtual reality representation of the ideal mech game – which is Titanfall. The best VR mech game we’ve seen so far is RIGS: Mechanized Combat League.

In RIGS: Mechanized Combat League, the wearer of the PlayStation VR sees a stadium in which they’ll be asked to compete. They’ll be competing in a mech, one of a wide variety of mechs in different colors, sizes, and speeds, all with different abilities. It’s like future football, but with lasers and mechanized metal.

What’s easily the best deal on this platform (other than free games) is the soccer/futball title “Headmaster.” This game is all about using your head as a controller. The PlayStation VR prides itself on immensely accurate head tracking – as all VR headsets should. As such, the immense detail with which each soccer ball is bopped in this game is highly impressive.

It’s as if Sony asked the developers at Frame Interactive to create the best demonstration of head tracking they could. In Headmaster, the user has been kicked into a “Football Improvement Center” where they’re told to make themselves better at the game. This “Heading Facility” will make the user love the ability to “head” balls that they’ll want to try to do so in real life.

Though, for those that do try to head soccer balls in real life, take note that it’s not quite the same. While in Headmaster you’re getting to blow things up with fire, you’re also trapped by an omnipotent force. In real life there’s less fire and you can bounce soccer balls around whenever you like.

Let us know if you’ve played any other PlayStation VR games that’ve struck your fancy in a way that’s above and beyond the call of duty!

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