The 4.5hp Subaru Motorized Barstool

I've never heard of a bar lacking barstools, but just in case you ever come across one you can drive up on one of these bad boys. If you want you can even park it near the bikes and hang out with the bikers. You can even keep up with them, well up to a whopping 25-30mph. You might even pass a moped or two.

It features spun aluminum Azzurro Racing Wheels, inflatable slick racing tires, disc breaks, an adjustable height steering wheel and to top it off it is controlled by butterfly hand controls. Ensuring you're the coolest alcoholic at the local pub.

The racer will get you about 4 hours of motoring about from one gallon of gas. You can customize your racer with colors, lights rear/front, foot pegs, off rod tires and custom seats. They are available for $2000.

4.5hp Subaru Motorisied Barstool [via gadgettastic]