That's No HTC One Tablet, It's An NVIDIA Tegra 4 Developer Platform

Earlier today an NVIDIA demonstration at Computex revealed a bit about their upcoming tablet processor Tegra 4, doing so on a tablet that looked – if we had to guess – like something HTC would deliver to the masses. Instead of this 7-inch tablet being the HTC One slate we've always dreamed of, NVIDIA has confirmed that it is, instead, simply a demonstration device made by NVIDIA for NVIDIA use only.

Even though those forward-facing speakers aside what appears to be a full metal jacket do look very much like the HTC One smartphone – there'll be no dice had today. On-screen buttons this machine does have, and a full-fledged quad-core with 4-PLUS-1 technology aside 72 GPU cores inside, indeed, and a display that looks to be at least as fine as the Nexus 7.

But back up, fans, it's not what you think it is.

Imagine though, if it were. NVIDIA Tegra 4 inside, HD display, pen stylus built-in to its back, power button up top, volume on the right, and fold-back magnetically attached smart cover up front. Inside Android 4.2+ with no carrier-attached software to speak of – that's essentially what this machine is.

But alas, it is not to be. NVIDIA has no plans at the moment to release this device to the public, nor have they announced it as a device anyone can even buy. What this machine has done thus far is show off the newest edition of NVIDIA DirectStylus instead.

Pressure sensitivity feeding GPU processing for a final product that needs no special pen hardware to make different sizes of lines in drawing apps. How about that? Is that satisfying enough for you, or would you rather HTC work with NVIDIA – and remember, this is just our suggestion, not any sort official statement – work together to make a future-looking beast of a handheld slate?