TG Sambo touchscreen PMP with WiFi, DAB & digital TV

Chris Davies - Apr 29, 2008

TG Sambo‘s new PMP is noteworthy at least because it doesn’t attempt to ape the iPod Touch’s GUI. The Korean media player also has a larger screen – at 4.8-inches – and aside from audio and video is capable of browsing the internet via a WiFi b/g connection and watching T-DMB digital TV. Hidden underneath the “Luxurious” menus is Windows CE 5.0, churning away on an Alchemy AU1250 700MHz processor.

TG Sambo PMP

Also under the hood is 16GB of flash memory and a DAB digital radio tuner. The PMP can play Flash files, work as a photo, e-book and comic viewer, and includes the PowerDic dictionary. Web access is courtesy of the Polaris browser, which looks pretty good on the 800 x 480 WVGA touchscreen. The whole thing is just 15mm thick.

TG Sambo PMP

At the moment the PMP has only been confirmed for a Korean launch, but it’s not unusual for these gadgets to be picked up and rebadged for sale in North America and Europe. It could make for an interesting middle-ground between the iPod Touch and Nokia’s range of N-series Internet Tablets. However neither of those have mobile TV.

[via AVING]

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