Teva Illum Lights Your Way as You Walk

Have you ever been walking around at night, and wanted to be able to head off into those spooky woods, but realized that you had forgotten your trusty flashlight (or maybe your Squishy Light)? Or, maybe you're one of those people out there that feels like you're entitled to headlights, like a car? Whatever the case, sandal company Teva has the answer for you.

Meet the Illum. These are some of the nicest looking pairs of sandals we've ever seen, truth be told. And that's not even counting the nice little LED lamps attached to them. The sandals themselves are made from waterproof microsuede, and they are ridiculously comfortable. But, the extra part is the lamp, set right at the middle of your foot. It's bright enough to light up a good piece of distance in front of you, as you walk.

And, if you feel like you don't need lights on your sandals anymore, you can easily unclip them from the sandal and attach them to a keychain. We know that having headlights on your feet may be a strange, new world for you, so perhaps adding a light to your keys might make you feel more safe and secure. But, let's face it, the world is changing, and our shoes are obviously not being forgotten. The Teva Illum will be available this Spring, and cost a cool $60. Are these going on your shopping list?

[via Boing Boing]