Tesla Wireless Phone Charger will return with a price cut

JC Torres - Sep 10, 2018, 11:15pm CDT
Tesla Wireless Phone Charger will return with a price cut

Remember that Tesla-branded wireless charger that suddenly disappeared as quickly as it showed up? Apparently disappearing and reappearing is its most distinctive quality. The phone accessory reappeared on Tesla’s store only to disappear again after quickly selling out within hours. Now the lucky few who did get their mitts on one are being informed by the electric car maker that the charger is going back in stock with a major change, not in capacity but in price.

The Tesla Wireless Charger surprisingly sold out fast despite its $65 price tag. Perhaps that was due to very low supplies in the first place. Or maybe it was brand recognition, with people wanting something that looks like a Powerwall EV charger without having to buy a Tesla car at all.

Whatever the reason may have been, the Tesla Wireless Charger was such a retail success that Tesla is bringing it back. Even better news, because they’re making more of them, they will be able to sell it cheaper, down to $49. “Early adopters” will be refunded the $16 difference to reward their faith and loyalty.

While it’s definitely a substantial price cut, buyers should remember they’re still getting a 6,000 mAh battery that won’t be able to wirelessly charge an iPhone 8 or iPhone X at max speed. Other portable wireless chargers may give a better charging experience. They won’t be something you can flaunt and boast about, of course.

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