Tesla test drive world tour offers a taste of EV ownership

This morning Tesla has announced "The Electric Road Trip", three months of the company meeting with communities around the world. This tour will have the company finding enthusiasts and green energy users – and what we must imagine Tesla is hoping will be new customers – in dozens of cities around the globe. They'll be making stops at what they describe as "many of our Destination Charging partner locations" inside the United States.

They've begun prepping for this Electric Road Trip business due to drivers of Tesla electric vehicles reaching a 2-billion mile mark. At the point at which this article is being published, Tesla drivers in locations around the world have collectively reached 2.5-billion miles driven "without a drop of gas." That's encouraging for green energy, to say the least.

The tour will have Tesla giving citizens "extended test tdrive experiences" in both the Tesla Model S and the Tesla Model X. These vehicles will will be able to be explored by the users in driving experiences not normally offered by car dealerships which, as you know, are stationary. This Tesla tour is mobile.

"Open House events will be hosted at select tour stops to give Tesla owners the opportunity to swap stories and share their favorite road trip experiences with fellow Tesla owners and like-minded fans," says a Tesla release on the event series.

If you'll have a peek at the tour map through the United States, you'll find that most of the locations are on the coasts.

Four stops in California, 3 in Massachusetts, 5 in Florida, and so on. They'll also be stopping in 4 locations along the East coast of Australia and 13 times throughout China – with 7 of those being in or around Hong Kong.

You'll notice that Tesla's tour through Europe includes a big strip through France, Germany, Denmarck, Italy, the Netherlands, and so forth – but they're giving the United Kingdom a miss completely. No stops planned for the UK whatsoever.

You can learn more about the trip series on the Electric Road Trip homepage at Tesla Motors.