Tesla Model X takes $40m in advanced sales

Tesla has already clocked up over $40m-worth in sales of its new Model X SUV, breaking a record for the company in only 24 hours and also seeing a significant uptick in reservations of its new electric-powered sedan. Announced on Thursday last week, the Model X – which features distinctive "falcon-wing" rear doors and an all-electric powerplant – went up for pre-order the following day, with paid reservations exceeding $40m the company has confirmed.

Meanwhile, orders of the Tesla Model S – the company's second model, a four-door sedan – rose 30-percent after the Model X was revealed. Production of the Model S is expected to begin this year.

Reservations for both cars require at least a $5,000 deposit, though that is fully refundable if buyers subsequently decide they want to back out of the purchase. $5,000 gets you a Model X in early 2014, but those particularly eager can put down $20,000 for a Model X Signature Edition, deliveries of which are tipped for late 2013.

Although it's likely that not all the reservations will pan out into actual sales, the healthy interest is in stark contrast to ailing electric rival Fisker. Despite having an undeniably attractive car, Fisker has struggled to meet its timescale obligations with the US Government, and has seen its Department of Energy funding frozen as a result.