Tesla Model X SUV teaser easter egg revealed

Chris Burns - Feb 9, 2012, 12:10pm CST
Tesla Model X SUV teaser easter egg revealed

Team members at the public relations group that represents Tesla have certainly got their ducks in a row – or perhaps its just Tesla CEO Elon Musk – as a leaked image showing up early today already has us giggling. This image shows the fabulous looking vehicle in just about as sparse a vision as possible with its falcon doors and smooth angles all around the only apparent features. But as the image is so dark, Tesla knew that we would be bumping up the whites in Photoshop – and what do you know, a lovely little super clever easter egg!

This egg shows the phrase “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet”, this only bumping our interest in the vehicle up more. What we’re getting here is a vehicle that’ll be revealed in full at 8PM PST tonight at the Tesla offices in California. This fruit will likely be full of more innovations than just the wing-up doors, and we’re interested in the rumored massive amount of space in the interior and speed under the wheels – on top of the gadgetry we’re sure to see within.

Also of note is the fact that Governor Jerry Brown will be making an appearance at the unveiling of this vehicle to support the electric-car excellence that it brings forth. Tesla Motors has an opportunity here to bring electric cars a leap forward, and their Los Angeles Design Studio in Hawthorne will be the place it all goes down. Cross over to the electric side, world, and bring this luxury SUV into your hearts tonight!

[via Elon Musk]

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