Tesla Model S fire investigation ends: brand blameless

More good news comes Tesla's way as the Government ends its investigations regarding the Model S fires. Earlier, we reported about the dealership tussle that the electric car company is embroiled in and how New York's Governor took a softer stand on them. Presently, the NHTSA has closed its inquiries into the fires that broke out in the Model S, in three separate incidents.

All three incidents took place last year; the first two took place when the cars, which were traveling at high speed, ran over sharp debris that punctured the battery pack located below the car. This resulted in the car catching fire, however the silver lining was the no one was harmed. Before it was too late, the drivers were able to pull to the side of the road and escape unharmed.

In the third incident, which took place in Mexico, the driver rammed into a wall, resulting in the car catching fire. Here too the driver was unharmed, probably because of the strong body of the car. In any case, the NHTSA's statement says that the cars involved in the 'debris incidents' were running with the active suspension in its low, aerodynamic position at highway speeds and no defects were noted with the vehicles.

Tesla on its part straightaway raised the ride height of the cars traveling at highway speeds. The NHTSA says that this should reduce the frequency of underbody strikes and the resultant fire risk. Since the car's safety has been improved and no defect uncovered, the investigation is now closed. As an additional feature, Tesla is going to fit every new and existing Model S with added titanium and aluminum protection plate.