Tesla drops price on 75kWh Model S, upgrades for 60kWh batteries

The past few days have seen some pretty big changes to Tesla's EV lineup. Tesla kicked things off by discontinuing its 60kWh Model S, which saw its last day of availability yesterday. Now that it's no longer being offered, Tesla is making some pricing and feature changes to the rest of its lineup.

For starters, the 75kWh Model S has become Tesla's least expensive model, thanks to a price drop of $5,000. That brings the price of the car down to $69,500, which – with features like an all glass roof and automatic rear power liftgate now standard – makes for a pretty good deal if you're in the market for a Tesla but don't want to shell out for a more expensive model.

The 60kWh Model S was likely discontinued to make way for the incoming Model 3, which Elon Musk said will be revealed in July. Though we'll finally get to see it then, there still isn't a solid release date set, so it could be a ways off yet.

So, what do you do if you just recently ordered a 60kWh Model S? While its discontinuation may sting, there's a bit of a silver lining – Tesla has announced that it will lower the price of upgrading 60kWh batteries to 75kWh. While such an upgrade used to cost $9,000, it'll now only cost $2,000. Not bad if you'd like to get a larger range out of your car.

As for those price increases, we can expect to see jumps for many of Tesla's higher-end vehicles. On the lower end of the price hikes is the Model S 100D, which is climbing from $95,000 to $97,500. The most dramatic price increase, on the other hand, is on the Model X P100D, which is going from $135,500 to $145,000.

So, there you have it: something of a pricing shake up over at Tesla HQ. From here on out we're left to wait for the official reveal of the Model 3, which is coming up in just a couple of months. Does this price drop for the 75kWh Model S sway you more toward picking one up? Head down to the comments section and let us know.

Update: An earlier version of this story reported Tesla had reduced the Model S 75 by $7,500. In fact, the cut is $5,000. Tesla gave SlashGear the following statement:

"Periodically we have adjusted pricing and available options to best reflect the value of our products and our customers' preferences. Today's updates include slight price decreases to our 75, 75D and 90D models to account for the discontinuation of our 60 kWh models, and next week will be implementing slight price increases to our higher end 100D and P100D models. We expect our total average selling price to remain almost exactly the same.

Price increases for our 100D and P100D models will take effect on April 24, 2017 to best accommodate customers already in the order process, while price decreases for 75, 75D and 90D models will take effect today."

The company also confirmed the new pricing for both the Model S and Model X:

Model S

75: $69,500

75D: $74,500

90D: $87,500

100D: $97,500 (beginning 4/24)

P100DL: $140,000 (beginning 4/24)

Model X

75D: $82,500

90D: $93,500

100D: $99,500 (beginning 4/24)

P100DL: $145,000 (beginning 4/24)

SOURCE: Electrek (2)