Tesla begins deliveries of refreshed Model X

On Saturday, Tesla began delivering the first refreshed Model X vehicles to customers. The vehicles were delivered to the new owners at a small event, with three vehicles being delivered. A video of the delivery ceremony was uploaded to YouTube, showing that the three vehicles featured a refreshed interior.

The updated Model X has a dashboard similar to the recently refreshed Model S with a few differences. The main noticeable difference is the large glass windshield that goes much higher up onto the roof of the SUV than most vehicles. The three refreshed SUVs were all six-seat versions.

The refreshed version of the SUV seen in the video was highly optioned, and its delivery price is reported to be close to $100,000. Unfortunately, lead times for customers who order a Model X SUV are very long at this time. Anyone who orders a Long Range version of the SUV right now won't get delivery until September 2022.

The extremely fast Model X Plaid version won't be delivered until July 2022. Interestingly, during the delivery ceremony for the trio of white Model X SUVs, some Plaid versions were also seen with different brakes. In addition, other Tesla news indicates that wood trim is no longer available for the Model S Plaid.

It's unclear if the wood trim has been discontinued or if there is a supply shortage. The automotive industry has been plagued by supply shortages, particularly semiconductors needed for systems in many vehicles. Tesla did share some official photographs of the delivery ceremony via its company Twitter page. The video showing the updated interior can be seen above.