Terrain Home replaces your homescreen with universal search

Chris Burns - Jun 17, 2014
Terrain Home replaces your homescreen with universal search

Android devices looking for a new face and functionality may want to have a peek at Terrain Home. This is a homescreen replacement app created by the folks at Samsung’s Accelerator division, making way for organization the likes of which no manufacturer-made home screen app has delivered before. This app was designed with the Samsung Galaxy smartphone line in mind, but it’ll work with most any Android smartphone.

Once you open Terrain Home, you’ll find directions indicating which direction you’ll want to go for universal search, a set of cards, and your full collection of apps. Swipe bottom to top for your flat universal search function to begin, thereby reaching your ability to seek terms on your phone, on the web through Google, and through a variety of vendors.


Swiping from left to right brings you to an interesting feed of cards. This feed looks something like the HTC-made BlinkFeed feature or Google Now, here delivering exactly the cards you desire, in the order you desire. Here’s where you’ll be gaining access to your gallery, a Facebook set, and the New York Times.


You can also add a stock ticker, a tool box, weather, calendar, and a wide variety of other oddities. It’s like a widget drawer, with all the widgets acting extremely friendly with one another.


Pulling from right to left brings up an app drawer. This drawer separates your apps by name, allowing you to scroll through lots with great ease.

The Terrain Android launcher – or home screen replacement app, whichever you prefer – is free. You can grab it from the Google Play app store now, or forever hold your peace.

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