Terminator: Resistance trailer isn't Colonial Marines... we hope

The trailer begins with a block of TERMINATOR lettering that says we'll be playing in Los Angeles, 2028, 31 years after Judgement Day. It looks a whole lot like we're going to be playing a first person shooter like METRO Exodus but with terminator machines and sound effects and visuals instead of post-apocalyptic Russian monster madness.

According to the folks at Reef Entertainment, Terminator: Resistance is an FPS game set during the "Future War scenario that was only glimpsed at in the iconic films, 'The Terminator' and 'T2: Judgement Day'." Basically we're forgetting everything we've witnessed in the other movies, it would seem. This is a franchise that's not shy about starting over, and over, and over again.

The game includes the ability to "level up your skills" and "interact with a motley group of survivors and change their fates." The game will likely allow more than one way to play – not unlike a game like Watch Dogs, or Assassin's Creed, but the choices here sort of in-between: "Run and gun or sneak and hack through Skynet's defenses!"

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This game will be released on PC (Windows, on Steam), Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, all at once. At that time you can expect that the game will cost $60 USD and will be crushed mercilessly by reviewers across the board unless it presents itself as a brand new angle on an old sort of setup. This is a beloved franchise where robot skeletons shoot laser guns and miniguns at human rebel fighters and Arnold Schwarzenegger dips himself in liquid metal as he gives his best friends a thumbs up – it's epic. It's going to be difficult to make a game that'll satisfy the masses, here – unless it's more than just a skin on tired platform.

But it's a first-person shooter – the game is in the title. It's like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre – what else can we really expect? We're still crossing our fingers it's something more, but we're not getting our hopes up just yet. This could, after all, be another trip down Colonial Marines avenue – and we know where that brought us, don't we?