Terminator reboot tipped with The Rock in tow (and Arnie)

Viewers of the most current iteration of the professional wrestling organization known as the WWE have been wondering, it would seem, why The Rock (aka Dwayne Johnson) wasn't slated to meet any contenders at their next big Pay-Per-View engagement. As it turns out – and so it has been tipped – The Rock may instead be taking on Arnold Schwarzenegger – though not in the ring so much as right up on the big screen, complete with robot killing machines to make the mix all the more exciting.The fifth Terminator movie (yes, there are already four of them), has been suggested to be scooping up Dwayne Johnson to play opposite the hero (and anti-hero) of the film's franchise. The deal reportedly began a whole lot more recently than the purchase of Terminator franchise film rights two years ago by film producer Megan Ellison. Apparently after having acquired film rights to the next two movies in the series, Ellison must create the first of the pair "soon", or risk losing the whole deal in the process.

*Fun fact: Megan Ellison is the daughter or Oracle founder Larry Ellison.

According to Screen Rant, Schwarzenegger has confirmed his involvement in the movie still (at the moment) only known as Terminator 5 – of course, this should go without saying. What doesn't go without saying is the idea that this next entry in the film series may head back in time further than we've ever been (so to speak) in the series before.

As the same sources speaking on The Rock suggest to the Examiner, this next installment in the series will take place in the 1940s or 1950s where he's taking part in keeping the lives of Sarah Connor's parents alive, thus inspiring his likeness in the original T-800 Terminator machine.

It's also been suggested that this may be the last Terminator film to feature Schwarzenneger, making his battle with The Rock all the more epic. Will it be none other than Dwayne Johnson that finally does the old robot (or perhaps human, in this case), his final death delivery (not counting lowering one's self into molten metal)?

One would hope – if only just to be rid of this cutscene that didn't make it's way into the final version of Terminator 3. William Candy: begone.