Temple Run hacked for older Androids

This week the developers at Imangi Studios have come under fire after releasing their cult-classic iOS hit Temple Run for Android because it does not work with older devices. The problem actually lies specifically in a couple of processor sets created for Android over two years ago: Arm v6 and Arm v7 – so what will owners of these low-end devices do if they want to play the greatest grave-robbing game on mobile? They've got to head to the links we've got here, of course, over to the XDA Developers, the folks who fix all your offbeat Android ails!

A group of rather industrious folks over at XDA Developers Forums have taken the Temple Run game, released just this week, and have retro-fit it for older Android devices that at first were not able to run it. Though the developers of this app have already made it capable of running on over 700 Android devices (yes, there's more than that!), you can now work with the game on a brand new set of devices that weren't able to keep up!

Have a peek at these two links and try your luck if you've been unable to get Temple Run to work on your Android device thus far:

Arm v6 Temple Run: Download

Arm v7 Temple Run: Download

If one or the other does work, you'll want to thank the folks responsible over in the XDA Thread from whens they came. If you've not tried any version of Temple Run yet, it's best to start with the real deal official build available now free from the Google Play App Store. Let us know if it all works out for you!

[via Android Community]