Temple Run 2 Android edition hits Google Play with a bang!

Chris Burns - Jan 24, 2013, 10:28am CST
Temple Run 2 Android edition hits Google Play with a bang!

Today is the day that Temple Run 2 becomes available for Android, and much like what we’ve seen with the iOS version of the app (which took off like a rocket out of a nightmare the first 12 hours it was out), we’re seeing so many downloads your eyes will bleed. This game is largely the same as both the original version of Temple Run and, of course, the Temple Run 2 revealed for iOS last week – they’re basically identical, believe it or not!

We’ve simply got to direct you to Android Community right this minute to show you the fabulous job they’ve done with a review of this game right out of the cannon – video, pics, and all. You’ll find that with a selection of new graphics, performance that’s not to be beat, and much of the same great non-stop action that made the original a winner, Temple Run 2 is another hit for the future. This game is going to be a hit, and already is if you check the download rate here in the first day.

At the moment this game, not a few hours after having been revealed, has more than 4,000 reviews in the Google Play store. This means that there are many, many more downloads having happened before the first half-day has occurred. We’ll have some more solid numbers sooner than later, you can bet!

This game takes on everything we loved about the first Temple Run and makes it all the greater with a more broad look at the temple you will be running directly through! This game is available for essentially any Android device you’ve got on-hand with Android 2.2 FroYo or higher, and it’s free! All the cash these folks will be bringing in will be coming from in-app purchases – you can bet!

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