TeleNav’s Scout gains support for 3D buildings and landmarks

Craig Lloyd - Apr 15, 2013
TeleNav’s Scout gains support for 3D buildings and landmarks

The last we heard about TeleNav’s Scout GPS app was back in December, but the folks behind the popular navigation app are back with a new update. This time around, users will be able to take advantage of 3D buildings and landmarks while they navigate through unfamiliar cities, thanks to the SSAO technology that TeleNav has added on to the app.

TeleNav announced the update via their Twitter account, noting that the new 3D features will “give drivers a better view and navigation experience.” The feature will be available later this year, along with crowd-sourced traffic reporting like we’ve seen in Waze. It’s not said exactly when the update will hit, but hopefully it’s sooner rather than later.

TeleNav will rely on its 34 million subscribers to report various accidents and traffic jams around the country, and the app will update itself in real-time with the traffic information it receives from its users. This means that Scout will suggest faster alternate routes when it detects that you’re about to hit some heavy traffic.

The video above shows off the 3D buildings in a demo, and while you can clearly see the outlines of the buildings, they don’t get in your way of the navigation, and you can still through the buildings and look ahead to what roads you’ll be turning on. When the update eventually does hit, it’ll be available for both free and premium users of the app.

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