TeleNav GPS Navigation for Android gets major update to version 7.1

It's time again to get your GPS navigation in order, race fans, and it's TeleNav that's got your back. Today the fine folks at the big T have let us know that their newest big update to their GPS navigation app (for Android devices, in this case) will be coming up on version 7.1 soon. The biggest and most obvious change in this newest update is the "My Dashboard" home screen that'll bring you to a set of options to get you on your way including local map, commute times, traffic, shortcuts, and a search bar. Without a doubt this is the most user-friendly version of the app to have been released yet, navigation ease now at your fingertips!

This newest version of TeleNav includes three whole new widgets you can place on any of your homescreens, simple blue background and white icons making you feel as though you're part of a truly graphically conscious organization now. One of these three widgets is a 4x2 sized block that shows essentially all the same controls you get when first logging into your TeleNav app, search bar, commute times, and local map included. All of this includes a new rendering engine that TeleNav lets us know is both smoother and faster – can't wait to try it out!

And goodies, yes there are goodies, including best of all, customizable car icons for your map. You can now be represented on your own map as a spaceship, a tank, a sports car, and more, all of these floating through the city with great ease. Each little car icon will cost you $0.99, how could you possibly resist? That said, all Android users with compatible devices will be getting the ability to download this update in the near future for free, with unlockable features like graphic lane assist, speed trap and red light camera notifications, and commute reports costing a total of $4.99 per month. Will you update?