Telenav extends HTML5 Navigation to Android and Windows Phone

With the new HTML5 wave covering the whole internet-loving universe, the news this morning of Telenav's HTML5 Nav on Android and Windows Phone devices is a sign of a fabulous new era. This push comes in the form of Scout for Apps, a service that was launched earlier this year for iOS exclusively. With Scout for Apps, developers will be able to integrate into their creations the first HTML5, browser-based, voice-guided, turn by turn, GPS navigation service for mobile phones!

This service allows developers to push free, voice-guided, turn by turn, GPS navigation directly from their app or their website, making full use of the Telenav database with ease. Just as easy as it is to embed a video into your website, you'll be working with Telenav's Scout mapping without sacrificing your own brand – the app or website can keep their own brand name on everything throughout the whole navigation session.

This Scout for Apps environment and service is available for developers on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone starting immediately, and Telenav has also brought on a companion for the web as well. Telenav is bringing on a website widget for Scout called the Scout Drive Button, made for small businesses that want to make it super easy for people anywhere in a web browser to find their physical location. Your mobile browser will be able to initiate turn-by-turn directions now with a single tap!

Developers will be able to access the Scout Drive Button for websites as well as the Scout for Apps environment immediately, for all three major mobile platforms! Have a peek below at our other recent encounters with Telenav and Scout, and get to navigating!