Telegram group video calls, screen sharing update released

With the addition of group video calls, Telegram is quickly becoming the most feature-filled communications app and ecosystem in the modern world. Telegram has added group calls and screen sharing to their Voice Chats feature, allowing these features for all devices, all at once. That means smartphones, tablets, and desktops too.

To start a group video call, the users that'll be in said call must be in a group. The voice chat must be started by an admin, who can start said voice chat via the (menu) button (three dots in a vertical line) in the profile of their chosen group. That's for Android.

If you're using Telegram on iOS, the admin of a group should be able to see a "Voice Chat" button right in the group profile. At launch, group video is limited to the first 30 people who "join the voice chat."* Audio-only participants in this group chat are unlimited.

*This limit "will increase soon", according to a Telegram representative. Numbers of people who can join video chat will increase as voice chats "take on streaming games, live events, and more."

Group video on desktop and tablet machines allows a slightly more manageable set of options for group video calls. Users will have the option to tap a button (usually in the upper right-hand corner of the screen) to expand group video chat to split-screen view or to view the side panel.

Telegram is also adding screen sharing at the same time as group video chat. Per a Telegram representative, "to share your screen, tap (the menu button) in any app and select it from the menu."

Users should be able to access these new features in Telegram now, for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows desktop environments. If you cannot access group video chat, make sure you have the newest update for the Telegram app.