Telefonica offers Novatel Wireless MC996D USB modem

Shane McGlaun - Jan 15, 2010
Telefonica offers Novatel Wireless MC996D USB modem

USB modems are devices that people all around the world use with the netbooks and notebooks to allow them to get mobile broadband connections while on the go locally or around the world. That is assuming you can stomach the global roaming charges many carriers charge. We first heard of the Novatel Wireless MC996D when it passed through the FCC for approval back in October 2009.

The modem is bound for carriers in other parts of the world as well and Novatel has announced that Telefonica is going to be offering the modem overseas to its customers. The modem supports HSPA+ mobile broadband speeds. The modem is good for downloads of up to 21.6 Mbps and uploads up to 5.76 Mbps.

Telefonica claims that that is about three times faster than the average HSPA modem. The device runs on 900 and 2100Mhz networks and can provide global connectivity. Telefonica will sell the modem for euro 49 and will discount the data plan for the first three months by 50%.

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