Teddy Bear Lamp is a headless wonder

Okay, so I need to speak up about something. Why oh why have there been so many abuses of the teddy bear lately? Headless teddy bear flash drives and now this lamp? What is the world coming to!

But in all seriousness, the Teddy Bear Lamp is just like any other light fixture. It features a shade made from black fabric that sits on a teddy bear's body. He's soft and fuzzy but missing his head!

In its place is a light bulb to brighten up your room and cast an eerie glow over the decapitated bear. You can get this bear abomination for £59.99 or $84.75. Funny stuff, really but why do they always have to mutilate the teddy bear? Why not a fish or a giraffe or something?

[via Chip Chick]