Teddy Bear Flash Drive now available

Who knew a flash drive could be funny? What started out as a USB flash drive mod, is now a device you can actually buy. Yes, it's a flash drive in the shape of a decapitated teddy bear. Need I say more?

Can you imagine the looks you'll get at the local coffee shop when you're typing away on your laptop and pop in this headless teddy bear? The novelty alone is enough to make me want one.

Here's the lowdown on this funny gadget. It looks just like a regular teddy bear. It's soft and furry and all of that. But when you pull off its head, the USB plug is revealed. Just plug it into your computer and you're good to go. The only real downfall is this drive's capacity which clocks in at 1GB. That's not too impressive, but it still looks cool. You can get your very own teddy bear to decapitate whenever you need to access stored info for $17.

[via OhGizmo!]