Teclast T51 PMP promises audiophile quality

Proving your parents' point that exciting things can come in mundane looking packages, the new Teclast T51 PMP doesn't exactly inspire at first-glance but certainly leaves us impressed once we've worked our way through the spec-sheet.  The T51 has a capacitive touchscreen, 8GB (and possibly 16GB) of internal storage and a memory card slot, but what's really exciting is the audiophile-quality components inside.

Teclast have picked Rockchip's RK2806 chipset as the heart of the T51, which is capable of HD-quality 1,280 x 720 video and playback of 720p AVI, H.264 (MKV) and RMVB footage.  That's paired with not one but two Wolfson WM8740 audio chips, each serving one of the stereo channels, for a maximum of 120dB per channel and increased audio isolation.

Meanwhile the line-out connection is served by a dedicated TI Op Amp OPA2604 chip, while Teclast have used a completely separate Philips UDA1308 professional headphone amp chip for private listening.  There's also a "CBB polypropylene filter capacitor" and if you know what that is then you're one step ahead of us; feel free to show off your knowledge in the comments below!

There's also the same much-praised UI and battery life from earlier Teclast models, including dynamic scrolling.  No word on pricing, but prototypes are tipped to be ready in the next few weeks and mass production within 4-8 weeks.  If the high-end components do their job, this could be one no-name PMP well worth importing.

[via MP4 Nation]