TDK reveals Wireless Charging small enough for headsets or Google Glass

Wireless phone and tablet charging without the bulky case compromise could be in the pipeline if TDK Corporation has its way, revealing the slimmest wireless power transfer coil unit to-date. It may look like the tiniest underfloor heating system in the world, but in fact the 0.57mm thick panel promises to get your future smartphone or tablet rejuiced simply by slapping it down onto an inductive pad.

Compliant with the Wireless Power Consortium's Qi standard, the TDK coil relies on a proprietary flexible thin metal magnetic sheet, making for a system that's slim and lightweight but not delicate. Qi is the global standard for wireless charging, supporting beaming power across up to 40mm distances, and with the backing of over 100 companies.

Output current at present is around 0.5 to 0.6 Amperes, TDK says. However an even thinner 0.50mm version is already being developed in the company's labs, with equal or better output current.

TDK expects mass production of the new wireless power transfer coil unit to start in 2013, though the firm hasn't said if any OEMs have expressed interest in the technology. Still, with applications in not only phones and tablets – which could have their batteries quickly topped up whenever you put them down on your desk or nightstand – but in accessories like Bluetooth headsets and even wearables such as Google's Glass, we wouldn't be surprised to see it picked up between now and production.